Meet our Partners:  Little Bison Co.

Little Bison Co.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hi there! We’re Travis and Julia, the makers behind Little Bison Co.

We’ve made a home for ourselves here in the Ozarks, and as much as we love the mountains and the trees, we also love the community around us. That’s why we choose to give ten percent of every purchase to a local nonprofit charity. We believe that together we can make a big difference.

We see the value in small-batch, instead of mass-produced, products.  Our candles use one hundred percent US-sourced soy wax, and are made with high-quality fragrance oils. Each and every candle is poured by hand.

On the weekends, you can find us at the local farmers market, sipping coffee and eating cinnamon rolls. We love to hike and we call fall “camping weather.” We dream of owning our very own tandem bike someday.  We hope you come to love Little Bison as much as we do!

Join the family, and Burn Better Candles. 


February 15, 2018 — DANA SCHLAGENHAFT