Meet our Partners:  Patagonia Bee Products

Patagonia Bee Products

Fayetteville, Arkansas

There's thrill found behind every small business, but the story behind Patagonia Bee Products is especially adventurous.  

Jacob and Ross, the founders of Patagonia Bee Products, are childhood acquaintances from Fayetteville, though they admit they didn't like each other until they mutually beat each other up as members of the same boxing club in high school.  Somehow the duo got past the punching and developed a strong bond of trust and respect.  

After a trip together backpacking across Tierra Del Fuego in Patagonia (South America), Jacob and Ross decided to start Patagonia Bee Products to bring to the United States the unique honey they had tasted in Patagonia.

The business now partners exclusively with women-run cooperative Mieles Del Sur.  The co-ops provide Patagonia Bee Products with rare mono-floral honey varieties that are free of pesticides and GMOs, and also have unique flavor profiles that can't be found in any other honey worldwide.  

As a part of their business mission, Jacob and Ross pay their beekeepers above Fair-Trade prices for their commitment to honey purity and healthy beekeeping practices.

Patagonia Bee Products calls their our honey Hive to Hand, which means every jar comes from a single beekeeper and a single harvest, preserving the uniqueness of a time and place, like the terroir of wine.

Patagonia Bee Products full line of honey will be sold at Hello Local and can be found at retailers nationwide.