Meet our Partners:  Beringer Wood Co.

Beringer Wood Co.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Hey, my name is Ty Beringer, and I am the maker at Beringer Wood Co

I've always had a creative spirit, but I didn't really discover my passion for woodworking until around 2013.  The idea of creating something gorgeous and useful out of a natural and sustainable resource is immensely satisfying.  My goal is to use traditional woodworking techniques, paired with modern styles, to create something that is equally artistic and functional.  I also take special care to respect the natural beauty of the wood by never staining, dying, or painting it.  Instead, I use clear finishes to preserve the color, grain, and tactile feel of the wood. 

The reason I'm so passionate about woodworking is because no two products will ever be totally uniform, due to varying nature of organic materials.  I can make a thousand hand-turned pens or hardwood cutting boards, and they will each be different.  I think that's incredible. 

I specialize in lathe-turned items, kitchen and barware goods, and products made from exotic hardwood, but I'm always up for a new challenge! 

I've lived in Fayetteville for just over 20 years, so when I'm not in my workshop, you can find me and my fiancée, Caroline, hanging out at the local coffee shops, drinking the local beers, or eating the local burritos. 


(photo courtesy of Arshia Kahn)

November 03, 2017 — DANA SCHLAGENHAFT