Meet our Partners:  Markham & Fitz

Markham & Fitz

Bentonville, Arkansas (Coming soon!)

Preston & I (Lauren) started Markham & Fitz with the desire to make amazing chocolate and celebrate people. We find that chocolate does a great job at celebrating people, so we're taking our dream a step further by opening our first Chocolate Bar & Factory at the 8th Street Market in Bentonville where you can experience chocolate in a multitude of ways. Our chocolate-making craft is known as "bean-to-bar," considering that we take raw cacao beans and transform them into the finest quality chocolate bars with an emphasis on the region we source beans from.

Now, we are taking chocolate beyond a 2oz bar. We're transforming cacao beans into drink, dessert, superfood, confection, and pastry when we open our chocolate dessert bar and cafe this winter.

We love our community and are grateful to be a part of Northwest Arkansas!

November 09, 2017 — DANA SCHLAGENHAFT