SURVEY:  Simkins Brothers Sweets

Our local partner, Simkins Brothers' Sweets needs your input as they explore a new product and packaging.  Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey.  

Chirpies is a new product concept by Simkins Brothers' Sweets that consists of chocolate covered sweets with cricket flour included. Cricket flour offers many benefits when used. It contains 2x as much protein as beef, offers essential amino acids, has a high level of Vitamin B12, and is far more sustainable than protein sources such as beef. The product you will be viewing today is the company's Peanut Butter Perfection flavor that includes peanut butter on the inside. The product will be in a stand up pouch that will include 3.25 ounces of product. There will be 10 pieces (3 servings) in each bag. 

Please answer each question honestly and provide thorough feedback in order to help Simkins Brothers' Sweets refine their designs and ideas.
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April 12, 2018 — DANA SCHLAGENHAFT