BOB's Flavor Enhancer


This is how Bob's came to be...

As a young man. Bob enlisted in the Air Force. Home on leave one summer early in the 1950's, his family welcomed him back with a backyard barbeque. That day, Bob came up with a blend of spices that enhanced the flavor of their meal so much that they kept on using it.

Over the 20+ years of Bob's Air Force career, Bob used his spice mix, and shared it with friends and family.  Mixing the spices was a labor-intensive task, but he kept everyone supplied. When Bob retired, he moved to a small town in Arkansas. There, as a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Disabled American Veterans, he worked the grill at barbeques that hosted people from all over the State. Strangers would write and ask Bob to send them his Flavor Enhancer. Local stores and restaurants began to stock it on their shelves. 

One day a woman from Missouri showed up on Bob's doorstep. The local grocery store was out of Bob's, and the owner told her to go talk directly to Bob to resupply her personal stock. Bob was out of his spices at the moment, but he promised he would send her some when he made his next batch. Her husband was a trucker. and traveled all over the country. Soon orders were coming in from all over the country... Omaha... Chicago... Dallas... Bob couldn't keep up with the demand from his home office, so he arranged for help with the mixing and bottling, still tasting and demanding the same high quality.

Now Bob's is a featured seasoning in restaurants in Arkansas, on the shelves of select stores, and is shipped from coast to coast in the United States. Try Bob's the next time you grill. You won't believe the difference!