Hello Local Exclusive ETHIOPIA GUJI CHIRE #7 Coffee by Onyx Coffee Lab



Region | Oromia 

Zone | Guji 

Washing Station | Chire

Micro-lot | Lot #7

Process | Washed and Raised bed dried

Variety | Heirloom Variety

Grown | 2100 M

Cup | Berries, Cacao, Floral Honey, Keemun Tea

This Ethiopia Chire #7 is a nano lot offering that comes from the famed coffee growing Guji Zone.  Chire is a small washing station set in the south that processes a small cooperative of coffee farmers.  The coffee is handpicked and sorted at the mill.  It is pulped and fermented for 12hours in a water tank.  Then it’s skimmed for underripe cherries and laid to dry on raised drying beds and turned frequently to allow even drying.  

Floral and berry-like fruit notes come through immediately on the first sip.  This is due to the beautiful heirloom variety of the village as well as the extended fermentation time of the coffee, allowing the acidities and sugars to really dominate the cup.  The body is a medium weighted, tea-like mouthfeel that coats the palate slightly with a lingering sweetness reminiscent of honey. The coffee finishes extremely clean and juicy creating a mouthwatering sensation after swallowing.  

We recommend brewing this coffee using a filter based method.  For us that is a pour over, more specifically a Kalita Wave.  Try using 25g of coffee to 400g of water with a 4 min brew time.  Try blooming (first pour) with 50g of water to fully degas the ground coffee and then continue your brew pattern.  The water should start 1 min off boil at around 202 - 205’F.

This coffee is extremely fresh off of harvest, and quantities are limited. The coffee is specifically sourced for our friends at HELLO LOCAL.  Enjoy the rarity of this coffee and the hard work of the wonderfully talented farmers in Chire village.